About Us


We are a Professional Pharmacy Corporation with many years of experience in Pharmacy Practice, including Academia, Acute and Long-Term Care Services, and Out-Patient Care Services. Fobi Comprehensive Pharmacy operates as a closed-door/retail pharmacy which provides Over-the-Counter, prescription medications, and other health-related goods/services. The services we provide are comprehensive in scope and intensity, and comprehensiveness is necessitated by the populations we serve. We are an approved Regional Center vendor, and we are familiar with the Regional Center's expectations for assisting the consumers in taking their medications.

Our sister company Pharmacist at Home Inc is a Pharmacist Consulting Group dedicated to promoting safe and appropriate use of medications, boost medication adherence and consumer outcomes while reducing adverse events through controlling illness and enhancing our consumers’ understanding of their medication.

We understand that by providing consumer-centered care focused on overall regimen rather than individual medication, we can provide a service to help the consumer get the best possible benefits from their medication.